Monday, May 17, 2010

Great catch, Navi. Please spend some more time in the batting cages.
Rays continue to beat Cy Young winners with pitching and defense. Now, if they could only start to hit.
Team Batting Average - 21st
Hits - 23rd
Home Runs - 20th
On Base Percentage - 19th
Welcome to the Rays, Hank Blalock. 0-for-3 is positively Burrell-like.
Fans who run onto the field should always get tazed.

Dan Sileo: The reason nobody is calling you about the Rays is because you are such a Yankee homer that all Rays fans stopped listening to you long ago. If this were a major league town, all the Yankee homers would have been driven off our talk radio stations long ago.

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